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The predecessor of Xijia Inverter was swipower Power Technology Co., Ltd. established in 2012. Due to the development of the company ’s business in 2015, the second production base was established in Songjiang, Shanghai. At the same time, Shanghai Xijia Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established to register its own brand. xijia ".

xijia inverter mainly focuses on solar new energy power generation. The quality of products is trusted by users. At present, product sales have spread to most countries in the world.

xijia inverter has mastered the core technology of high-frequency solar inverter power supply through independent research and development. It is one of the few domestic companies that can meet the personalized customization requirements of customers and provide new energy power generation products and comprehensive solutions.
The xijia brand adheres to the business philosophy of pursuing excellence, advancing with the times, is market-oriented and quality-oriented, is committed to the development of the industry, adheres to the ISO9001: 2000 international quality management system standard, and has passed CE, FC, ROHS and other certifications . Specialize in quality because of professionalism, and create value because of innovation. In the spirit of dedicated service and independent innovation, to meet the needs of users to the greatest extent, the company continues to strengthen and deepen production management, constantly forge ahead, improve product quality, and strive to provide customers with high-quality durable products and a full range of professional Service, with the spirit of continuous innovation, create a brilliant tomorrow with new and old customers.
ROHS Certificate FCC Certificate CE Certificate
For 8 years. Only Dedicated for mainly focuses on solar new energy power generation


the domestic and foreign markets will be launched, and the output value will advance by leaps and bounds


through the introduction of talents and system innovation, the company overcame the defects of the inverter technology and successfully developed the core high-frequency inverter power supply technology with far-leading performance


Shanghai Songjiang established a new company, Shanghai Xijia Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., and also established the Xijia brand. And began to operate the "xijia" brand


swipower power supply company was established

 Industry leading manufacturers
 High-quality products
Mature technical team
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