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Shanghai Xijia Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in producing 19 rack mount inverter, pure sine wave inverter, pure sinewave inverter by pass, pure sine wave inverter with charger. Quality trusted by the user, the current product sales throughout the country most of the provinces.
Through independent research and development to master the high-frequency switching power supply system is the core technology, is the few customization to meet customer requirements, to provide complete integrated power system products and solutions for businesses.
地球Industry leading manufacturers
DIESOLIS Solar has been the world’s leading products of photovoltaic cells.
团队Mature technical team
High-tech talents, first-class high-quality technical team
质量High-quality products
Industry-leading product quality, worthy of trust by new and old customers
定制Professional customized services
Various types of inverters can be customized to meet customer needs
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