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2014 SNEC trip to a successful end

Views: 9     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2016-08-30      Origin: Site

May 2014 20 - 22, SNEC international solar industry and photovoltaic engineering (Shanghai) exhibition and forum in Shanghai New International Expo Center was held, the Sea run photovoltaic debut W5 hall 355 booth. This exhibition is the largest exhibition of solar energy industry in China, focusing on solar photovoltaic engineering and innovative technology, attracting more than 1 thousand and 800 exhibitors, professional visitors to visit more than 150 thousand people.
Hareon located in hall W5 355 booth, the chiefly exhibited, solar cells and application in photovoltaic system components, namely: 270W polycrystalline high efficiency solar battery components, 280W single crystal, solar battery components, 260W polycrystalline double glass components, 260W polycrystalline AC module, and black components; the Hairun booth to small systems, distributed generation as the theme, fully demonstrated the atmosphere and detailed design elements.
A period of three days during the exhibition, Hareon booth attracted a large number of professional audience come to visit the consultation and the audience to display all kinds of efficient components and new product assembly holds strong interest, part of the professional audience consulting the small distributed generation system project, Hareon business professional for the explained characteristics of photovoltaic components, advantages and the application in system, from details of all aspects of the investment and construction to operation power, consulting the audience said will conduct follow-up and understanding.


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