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  • Delivery service
    Our stocking period is 5 days, and the specific situation is determined according to the actual shipment volume. We will deliver the goods through the professional logistics service provider of Alibaba International Station and guarantee delivery to the destination. Select the corresponding country and goods on Alibaba International Station For volume and weight, choose the best logistics service provider for the customer, and give priority to the four major express logistics providers for the customer: FedEx, UPS, TNT, and DHL, and quickly deliver it to the customer by air.
  • Accessories Service
    We provide various accessories for customers to repair machines, sell them at low prices, and send them to their destinations for free.
    Common accessories like left, and other accessories consult customer service.
  • Purchase process
    Option 1: You can contact us at Alibaba International Station and draft a credit guarantee order to purchase through online payment;
    Option 2: Contact our foreign trade clerk directly to purchase.


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