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Success stems from unremitting hard!

Views: 8     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2016-08-30      Origin: Site

Time to enter to the end of 2013, project development and investment department localities, the deadline of December 31, 2013, the company in August 2013 began respectively started construction is located in the western region of Xinjiang, Gansu, eight terrestrial photovoltaic power plant a total of 220 MW project all the smooth realization of the grid connected power; prior to December 20, investment company the largest single project - Romanian UCEA 55MW power plant project successful implementation grid and obtain the examination and approval of the subsidies of local power regulation issued by the Department of commercial operation certificate and six green certificates /1000KWH. This marks the Hareon 2013 annual investment layout of the domestic photovoltaic power plant project successful ending, but also for the company entered the new 2014 presented a "jackpot".
In the photovoltaic industry is about to usher in the beginning "winter to spring" recovery, "275mw power plant construction project then the year grid generation" -- this heavy heavy "cross year gift is is particularly important and timely, especially MW domestic projects in just four months achieved 100% of the target grid is not really easy. But behind this dazzling transcripts, concentrated reflects the project development and investment department team face all kinds of difficulties that perseverance, deal with concrete matters relating to work diligently unremitting persistence. To this end, we interviewed the group executive vice president Zhang Yongxin and in charge of the power station project investment and development vice president Liu Yan first.
"Sea run people": first, please Zhang from the company's strategic development point of view to discuss the important significance of the development and construction of power station projects?
Zhang: the development of the power station project turnkey service, this is the transfer of corporate strategic. From 2011 to start companies in overseas power plants, gradually shifted to Europe, the United States, Japan, 2012 to enter the domestic market, the beginning we are and state power and other companies building, half a year from 2012, focusing on to develop their own power plant project, 2013 from sales of project development, construction, the grid and the power plant, completed the process of the whole system. Development and construction of photovoltaic power plant is also a kind of investment project is a kind of financial products, and not a single product, in the service of the whole system, we in addition to attention to the grid the results, but also to achieve safe and stable operation, but also to maintain a better return rate, to continue to support the project operation, to build a good platform for financing, real significance for in the development of the domestic market to lay the foundation.
Domestic MW power plant project and the net, the size of the data itself is not important, but we through the complete process come to the end of the whole system of implementation steps, in terms of financing and financing lease, we have done to their own development, cooperation in the development and diversification of the development of the mode of project development, then the other favorable platform for power plant construction, to finally 220MW power plant project was successful in all grid, after the completion of the process of the development and construction, has laid a good foundation for the future large-scale development and service system.
Strategy, consider the market serious supply exceeds demand situation, a single product sales for the company in fact is no contribution, in this case. We want to seek profit point of growth, value-added services, provide energy solutions.


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